Arteries and veins of the upper limb

This image has two parts, one where the vessels are unlabelled so you can try to fill in the blanks and one where they are so you can check your answers.

This is probably the most popular little image I have created to date and is one of the reasons that I decided to start a website dedicated just to scientific doodles.

4 thoughts on “Arteries and veins of the upper limb

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  2. Hi, I have an exam coming up very soon on human anatomy and there will be no images, so I need to learn the vessesls by anatomical location, However, I am sort of finding it difficult to tell the difference between an artery and vein.
    For example, in the arm there are both Brachial artery and vein.
    If you could help that would be great.

    • For the most part arteries and veins travel together and have the same name (most places also have a nerve and the three structures together are called a “neurovascular bundle”). Structurally, arteries and veins are quite a bit different, veins lack the thick muscular wall that arteries have and are thus much more compressible. Another difference is that veins have valves whereas arteries do not. I hope this helps!

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