Hallmarks of Alzheimer’s Dementia

For a dementia to be considered to be Alzheimer’s, it must meet specific criteria

  1. Memory impairment
  2. 1 or more of:
    • Aphasia: language disturbance
    • Apraxia: inability to carry out motor activities despite intact motor function
    • Agnosia: can’t identify objects despite intact motor function
    • Disturbance in executive functioning (SOAP – sequencing, organizing, abstracting, planning)
  3. Cognitive deficits (in 1 and 2) are a decline from functioning and cause impairment in social or occupational functioning
  4. Gradual onset with ongoing decline
  5. Cognitive decline not due to other processes, medical illness (thyroid, B12, folate, hypercalcemia, HIV), substance
  6. Not due to delirium
  7. Not due to mood, anxiety or psychotic disorder



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