Anatomy of the ear

Who knew that the ear could have so many parts to it? This is getting into some detailed anatomy, but you will be able to impress your staff person with your incredible knowledge.

As a side note, you may also be able to impress your local piercer, as most of the more unusual ear piercings are simply named after the bit of ear the hole is going through.

5 thoughts on “Anatomy of the ear

  1. can you please make an illustration/sketch of mouth especially teeth pleaaaaase!!!!!!!!
    By the way your medicine sketches are very helpful

  2. can you do sketchy’s of the basic maneuvers in the sports med exam of the knee, hip, shoulder, wrist and elbow (mcmurray, lachman, ober, faber, drawer tests, catch up clunk, DRUJ etc etc etc?) desperate sports med board takers would be most appreciative!!

      • Thank you! Here are some requests for the sports med tests (i’m studying for my Fam Med Boards):

        I think the Knee and Shoulder are the most complicated in terms of trying to diagnose patholgy in the office via phys exam.

        The sports medicine “special tests” for the knee (to help distinguish w/o radiology) are to differentiate meniscal tear vs ligament injury vs intraarticular pathology vs bony pathology (patellar fracture) and gout.— some examples are Lachmans, Macmurray, Apley, anterior and posterior drawer, pivot shift, grind tests, straight leg raiseAND valgus and varus (how the heck anyone can keep valgus and varus straight is s mystery).

        For the shoulder you already have some awesome ones like the Scapular Lift Off, and SITS (rotator cuff). But do you have the Hawkins, Kennedy, Beer etc tests?

        Hips: FABIR and FADIR


        THANK YOU :-)

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