Femoral Triangle

The femoral triangle is a convenient triangle where the femoral nerve, artery and vein pass from the abdomen to the leg. The best part about this is that they’re all quite superficial, making it a great place to stick things in (place catheters, nerve blocks, etc).

Because the femoral triangle is often getting poked at for various reasons, it’s important to know what’s where because you don’t want to be hitting the nerve when you meant for the artery (or vice versa).

The triangle is made up by the sartorius, adductor longus and inguinal ligament and if you just remember NAVVAN.

6 thoughts on “Femoral Triangle

  1. Love these simple drawings and explanations – any chance you could run the Lymphatics in this shot – seems remembering if they are medial or lateral to the artery is not sticking with me…
    Love G

  2. your blog is ah-ma-zing. I’m currently studying for my upcoming anatomy exam, and i stumble upon ur blog, which is like a blessing from above..
    anyways, i’ll be opening ur blog whenever I’m having problems with anatomy..
    and thanks for being so generous.. =D

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